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Regulátor výkonu spotrebičov/zariadení na striedavý prúd – 1000W Občianska inzercia

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Cena: 25 €

230V Mains Voltage Triac Regulator

- Output regulation range: 50V* to mains supply
- Maximum continuous load: ≤4.5A (≈1000W)
- Overload capability 6.5 Amps (overload duration limited by thermal conditions)
- 500% instantaneous overload current withstand capacity, with 25Amp BTA24-600B-CDI Triac
-*Minimum output voltage adjustable via an internal multi-turn trimmer pot
- For use with 220V to 250V, 50Hz supply

- Screw-top fuse holder with 5 × 20mm fuse
- Over-temperature thermal cut-out switch protected - 1 to 2 minute automatic reset
- Illuminated ON/OFF rocker switch (Red)
- Large 20mm diameter Red/Black control knob and 0 to 100 graduated scale for accurate adjustment
- Also available in a range of colour combinations: see pictures

- Accepts cable sized 4mmØ to 7mmØ - round 3 core1.00mm² csa recommended
- Black ABS enclosure, 39 x 57 x 87 mm (H×W×L)
- Height over control knob 55mm
- Width excluding cable glands 74mm
- Length including mounting tabs 111mm
- Wiring instructions and fittings included
- Weight 142g

Application notes:
- Common applications include: Tungsten halogen; other filament lamps; fan/pump motors; hot plate; water heater; other heating elements.
- Repurposed "universal" washing machine motors, due to their wattage and electrical characteristics, are particularly well suited for speed control.
- Power tools with built-in speed control, soft start or other electronic safety features are not compatible with this device.
- Induction (capacitor) motors will give a controlled speed response but only if the load is a fan or pump
- Supplied without cables: this device requires installation by a competent person.
- Regulator must always be earthed, even if the load does not have or require an earth!
- I can advise you, so please ask if you are uncertain about its suitability for a particular application.

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